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You can be excused for thinking that the job of website translators is simply to change text from one language to another. Isn’t that exactly what website translation is all about? Well, no, it’s not actually. In fact, the translation of words from language A to language B is just one part of the process – especially for the best website translators in the business.

Of course, the literal translation needs to be spot on. This involves more than above average language mastery. In addition, sought after website translators need to have a detailed awareness of the subject matter they’re working with. Plus, they need to be on top of how language is evolving, for example, any buzzwords or colloquialisms.

In addition to language proficiency, website translators also need an amount of technical knowledge. This doesn’t mean they have to be expert website developers to boot. But there are a few non-language related tricks that uplevel website translations from good to great…

Three Little Ways the Best Website Translators Make a Massive Difference

  • Design and Page Layout – Translating text in to different languages can change the lengths of sentences, paragraphs and sections. This can result in awkward and ill-fitting page layouts. Experienced website translators will bring this to your attention and suggest the quickest and easiest work arounds.
  • Contact Details – Addresses and telephone numbers are displayed in different ways in different languages. You can rely on market leading website translators to ensure that your physical address and international dialling code makes sense to your overseas audiences.
  • Images and Graphic Styles – The images and fonts you use on your website can be deal-breaking! If they’re out of step with the local culture, they make you look like you’re from another planet, let alone another country! Leading website translation services will help you avoid dropping any faux pas in this area.


At Accutranslate, our outstanding reputation for website translation is supported and enhanced by our localisation expertise. Get in touch for an informal chat about website translations that do justice to your overseas trading ambitions.