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Africa’s economic trajectory is poised for an exhilarating ascent. After all, it’s brimming with untapped potential and alluring opportunities for forward-thinking businesses. And while South Africa is currently its only fully industrialised country, the rest is a trove waiting to be discovered.

But what are your chances if you can’t communicate in the language/s of the African country or countries you’ve got in your sights?

And what about the size of the prize? Is it worth going to battle with language barriers for?

Well, African industry is such a hot topic it’s got a whole day dedicated to it – Africa Industrialization Day on 20th November.

“This is Africa’s moment to bolster its position in global supply chains, strengthen its emerging industries and create millions of jobs,” said UNCTAD Secretary-General Rebeca Grynspan in the Economic Development in Africa Report 2023. 

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the driving factors…

Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)

The world’s largest free trade zone is well underway, putting the continent on the cusp of an economic revolution. From the motor trade in Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and South Africa, to cutting-edge technology in Kenya, the prospects for growth are boundless for progressive businesses eyeing global expansion.

Abundant in Eco-Richness 

A mounting focus on sustainability is leading businesses to recognise the appeal of tapping into African reserves of critical minerals. In fact, Africa’s resource-richness makes it an indispensable player in the supply chain for high-tech and eco-friendly products.

Forefront of Clean Energy

There’s no shortage in Africa of the metals that are crucial to the energy transition. For this reason, Africa has the potential to become a central driver of the global clean energy movement. This means businesses keen on advancing climate action might expect to find a promising ally in the continent’s resource wealth.

As you can see, having a leading translation service in your back pocket becomes not just a necessity but a strategic advantage. After all, seamless communication bridges the gap between your business and the diverse tapestry of Africa’s cultures, languages, and markets, empowering you to build enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships.

The continent is ready. The question is, are you?

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