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It’s true! A recent article in the Harvard Business Review confirms, The race for skilled talent is now global.”

Post-pandemic skills shortages are resulting in the removal of geographical obstacles. But it’s not just about sheer necessity. Talent is getting more mobile. And businesses are getting more proactive about building diverse teams. There couldn’t be a better time in history for this shift to happen.

After all, the post-war world has been getting smaller and smaller. Intercontinental transport has made globetrotting more affordable and accessible to a larger volume of people. Social media, videotelephony software like Zoom and previously unimaginable event technology have entered the mix, compacting Planet Earth even further.

But, no matter how connected and mobile people are, the object is defeated if languages aren’t aligned.

To this end, future forward businesses aren’t letting languages stand in the way of progress. They’re seeking business translation support to ensure everybody who needs to talk the same language is able to do so.

For the purposes of recruitment, they’re deploying multiple languages in the places candidates look for information about potential employers – whether those potential employers are on their doorsteps, or on different continents –

  • Recruitment Marketing – With the help of business translation services, recruiters are attracting global talent on overseas job boards, on their social media channels, and also in the printed press in target overseas destinations.
  • Website & Careers Site – Professional translation is a hassle-free solution for ensuring recruiters do justice to their employer branding. Besides their language expertise, website translation professionals know that online regulatory frameworks can differ from country to country. Better still, they have a keen eye on localisation rather than just word-for-word translation. All of these elements contribute to offsetting any risk for job ads and general company information to sound comical, ‘off’ or even offensive.


At Accutranslate, our award-winning translation services are being enlisted by recruiters who are keen to expand their horizons and dive in to talent pools beyond UK shores. We even offer voiceovers for videos in all major languages, equipping recruiters to diversify their candidate searches with bilingual or multilingual content on careers sites and social media.

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Building a Globally Diverse Team Is Actually Getting Easier, Johann Harnoss, Anna Schwarz and Martin Reeves, Harvard Business Review