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This morning FC Augsburg kindly published on Twitter a list of Scouse to German translations to help Liverpool fans making the journey to Germany on Thursday for their Europa League tie.
FC Augsburg Scouse translations

Liverpool of course have a German manager, Jurgen Klopp, so he may well have shared some German phrases with his team, but we really like Augsburg’s selection – just 9 well-chosen phrases to help any Liverpool fan navigate their way around the Augsburg area.

Food and drink are covered in the first 2 phrases, words of encouragement in “Dein Bestes geben”, and helpfully Augsburg have covered all eventualities with regards to the result, offering “Am Boden zestort” (“Devooed” or “Devastated”) and “Sauber” for “Sound”.

Well done to Augsburg for taking the trouble to do their research and make their guests feel at home. Translation is one way you can show your clients that you care. It’s an idea that many businesses could learn from – talk to Accutranslate on 0800 466 1335 if you’d like to develop the idea for your own business.

Good luck to both teams on Thursday!