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The world of legal translations is as complex and intricate as the law sector itself, where tasks are even more Hurculean with foreign languages thrown in to the mix.

Legal translations services are used across all different types of legal work, such as:- 

  • Business – e.g. Contracts
  • Criminal – e.g. Court papers, witness statements
  • Personal – e.g. Birth, death and marriage certificates

It goes without saying that difficulties beyond the wildest imaginings can occur if legal translations fall below 100% accuracy and timeliness. So it’s well worth choosing your supplier carefully to ensure your legal translations are error-free AND stress-free smooth sailing. 

What Minimum Criteria Should You Look for in Legal Translations Services? 

When choosing a legal translations partner, there are three fundamental qualities you should look for as absolute minimum –

  • Eye for detail
  • Appreciation of strict confidentiality
  • Full understanding of the specific requirements of Solicitors

In addition, asking around your peer group for word-of-mouth recommendations from other firms is a great way to help choose the best legal translations company for you.

For example, Victoria Marshall of Pearson Solicitors has recently shared her experience of dealing with leading-edge translation provider Accutranslate. She said:-

“I would just like to say thank you to Ruben and his team at Accutranslate for his professionalism and speediness in turning around a piece of work for a client last week.

“I needed to translate a 27 page document from Dutch to English. Within the hour he returned back with a price and had the work translated within four days, (including the weekend). This enabled me to offer a fast and efficient service to a new client, who will be building his portfolio of properties and coming to me as the can-do Solicitor.”


At Accutranslate, we’re proud of the stellar service standards we provide to the legal community, not just in Manchester where we’re based, but UK wide.

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