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Specialist Interpretation for footballers is an invaluable service that helps big name players in a variety of ways.

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At home

There’s always been high demand for interpretation for footballers in the UK. The Premiership belongs to what’s known in the footballing world as the Big Five leagues. This elite category also includes France’s Ligue 1, Germany’s Bundesliga, Italy’s Serie A, and Spain’s La Liga.

Many players need interpretation services when they’re transferring to clubs abroad, and don’t speak the native language of their adoptive country.

You only have to look at the 2020-2021 UK Premiership. It perfectly reflects the multilingualism of 21st century football. According to punditry website Transfermarkt.co.uk, 321 of the 512 players in the Premiership are non-nationals. That’s 62.7% of Premiership players, who come from an enormous range of 58 different countries.



Besides overseas players transferring to UK clubs, trusted interpretation services are also enlisted for teams travelling to tournaments abroad. With the eyes of the world glued to these tournaments, the biggest footballing accolades on the planet are at stake. So, it’s likely that key personnel may be called upon to represent their clubs or countries in front of the press.

At international level, FIFA’s four official languages are English, French, German and Spanish. However, interpretation for footballers was provided in 18 different languages across the 32 national teams that competed at the last World Cup in 2018.


Interpretation for footballers isn’t always exclusively for players


Let’s not forget that it isn’t always just the players themselves who need great interpretation services for languages they aren’t conversant in. In addition, there’s –


Managers – Top Managers landing jobs abroad are often thrust in to the media spotlight as soon as their appointments are announced. In many cases, they’re ex-players who’ve already experienced interpretation for footballers during their competitive days. They fully appreciate the importance of crystal clear communication that can’t be misconstrued.

Pundits – Like Managers, many ‘talking heads’ are also ex-players. Their celebrity, expertise and insight can command a high price tag with major global networks in other countries.

Family Members – Interpretation for footballers is often extended to the player’s families. When players relocate to join their new clubs, their close family members also find themselves in a foreign country where they have little or no experience of the native language.


Here at Accutranslate, we’ve got vast experience in dynamic, friendly, and professional interpretation for footballers. And for other key professionals involved in the beautiful game, plus their families. Safeguarding our footballing clients against any home goals during interviews. Back of the net!


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