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National Waiters Day is on 16th May, and it’s a fitting time to get your menus translated if they’re still only in English. Why? Think about it… Menus that are accessible to all customers can play a huge role in getting bums on seats.

In fact, there are many mouth-watering benefits to having your menus professionally translated, such as attracting regular customers, capturing passing trade, and promoting a welcoming image.

Amidst a continuing backdrop of economic turbulence, which bar, café or restaurant doesn’t want more of all these things?

Attract More Locals

Open up your business to whole new markets by targeting local residents who might not be fluent in English. It can result in a continuous stream of new footfall to wow with your fabulous fayre and stupendous service. They’ll appreciate your commitment to being more accessible, and might just repay you in ongoing patronage.

Optimise Passing Trade

Many UK towns and cities play host to dynamic programmes of homegrown and international events, some attracting visitors from all over the world. Having professionally translated menus ensures your offerings can be read and understood by often high-ticket leisure and business tourists. These customer segments might not speak English as their first language, but they still want to enjoy a great dining experience. So, go the extra mile to get them through your doors and make their visit a piece of cake.

Be Hospitable to All

Translating your menus demonstrates your commitment to diversity and inclusivity. It gives a warm welcome to all customers, and shows you value their business, regardless of background or language skills.

So, grab the opportunity this National Waiters Day to get going with translating your menus. After all, more languages = more customers to keep your wait staff on their toes.


At Accutranslate, our expert translation services are the perfect recipe for cooking up a storm, for finger-licking menu translations in to a single or multiple languages. Why not get in touch for an initial chat about your needs? It might just be the cherry on top you need right now.