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Top footballers in the Premiership, La Liga, Bundesliga and other major leagues are heavily into Social Media as a way to communicate with their fans. But it’s not easy to post in a foreign language, so what do you do if you’re a Premiership footballer and English is not your first language?

First, don’t let the language barrier put you off – Accutranslate can help you translate your postings into English so you don’t need to worry about making mistakes or saying something silly or offensive by accident. You can just enjoy the extra reach you get when your posts are going round the English-speaking world.

Second, Social Media is a great way to share news and photos, and to reach out to fans. So get started with Social Media postings in English!

Locally, Manchester City’s Nicolas Otamendi, who is Argentinean and speaks Spanish, is making the effort to put out his Social Media postings in English as well as Spanish.  Ruben Cnobel of Accutranslate says “It’s important to communicate with fans in the UK, and in other countries that don’t speak Spanish. By translating posts footballers can communicate with fans from many more countries. Footballers can send greetings and if they’re happy after a match they can share that feeling with the fans. The fans can share the moment with their heroes and they are happy too…”

Nicolas Otamendi  already posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and has nearly 200,000 followers, but now he’s posting in English he should be able to reach many more fans around the world.

Look out for Nico’s posts in English (his Twitter is @Notamendi30), and tweet him back some encouragement!