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We’re lucky here in the North West to have some of the best UK translation courses on our doorstep. The University of Manchester offers full-time or part-time translation courses in the Centre for Translation and Intercultural Studies.

The skill of translation is often underestimated by those without direct experience; even people who need translations may think any native speaker can do the job. In fact a translator needs specialist skills and Manchester is a good place to learn the trade. Students for the translation courses come from across the globe, each year the MA group has ten or more different languages, so anyone studying translation or interpreting there will be in a suitably multilingual environment.

Manchester University offers a Masters in Translation Studies and an MA in Translation and Interpreting Studies.  The courses are designed to give potential translators the knowledge and skills needed for a career in translation and/or interpreting.

Student translators can study translation into and from any language with English, but the interpreting options are more limited, with 5 languages; Arabic, Chinese, French, German and Spanish.

So if you have a 2:2 Honours degree or better in a language and want a career in translation or interpreting, you know where to come! And keep in touch with Accutranslate while you are studying – we may have some work for you when you’ve finished. A quick email to info@laacademia.co.uk will get you on our radar as a future translator.