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Having experience of working for many of Manchester’s leading law firms over the past 10 years, in the past couple of years, Accutranslate has been increasing its work in the legal sector by helping solicitors to expand their businesses abroad. Using Accutranslate’s expertise these clients can now offer their services outside the UK, with no concerns about language barriers. As their confidence in Accutranslate grows, these solicitors are reaching out to new markets, and growing their overseas business.

Accutranslate has translators with legal translation expertise, supported by a UK-based team who understand the particular needs of solicitors for discretion and confidentiality. In addition, we are a reliable and professional translation team. As one of our legal clients puts it, “Accutranslate provide a responsive, professional service and always supply proficient translators at very reasonable rates”.

Particular challenges of translation for legal firms

Speed: Legal processes can be time-consuming but when things happen speed is often vital to success of the project. Accutranslate is particularly proud of its ability to respond quickly to the requirements of the solicitors who use our translation services.

Confidentiality: Legal documentation is very personal to the individuals and businesses concerned. Accutranslate is experienced in translating for high net worth individuals and businesses for whom discretion is vital – your secrets are safe with us!

High standards of accuracy: Even more than with most translations, it is vital that legal documents are accurately translated. Our translators understand the nuances of legal terminology, and the importance of accuracy.

If you have legal documents to translate and need a reliable, professional translation company that understands what solicitors need, talk to Accutranslate on 0800 466 1335.