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One of Accutranslate’s recent translation projects was the translation of Spanish property documents for a client purchasing a property in Spain.

Buying property in Spain can be difficult and many British purchasers have been caught out. It’s vitally important to use independent lawyers and independent translators The www.gov.uk website gives guidance on buying property in Spain, including “If you do not have a good understanding of Spanish, make sure that you get all contracts and relevant documentation translated by an independent translator”. Graham Fenton took that advice and engaged Accutranslate to translate his property documents.

Accutranslate has already worked on other Spanish property transactions for clients, so we were delighted to translate Graham’s property documents.  Accutranslate prides itself on high-quality and accurate translations, and we produced Graham’s translation to a high spec and in the agreed timescales.

We were really pleased to receive an email from Graham thanking us for our help. He said “With your help we were able to arrange to meet with a Notary on Monday to sign the lease in his presence and send it off to Spain via FedEx. We are now in the process of arranging our next trip over in a couple of weeks to meet up with the furniture removal men, so exciting times!”

It’s great to be able to help people realise their dreams. Buying a property in Spain is a pretty big dream, and Graham did the right thing in getting professional, independent translations of his documents. If you have dreams of buying property in Spain, or in any country where the legalities are not in English, contact Accutranslate as early as possible in the process to get your translations arranged!