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Organisations who produce goods or services in the UK and export across the globe, often find that protection of their intellectual property and brand reputation is vital to their international success.

When protecting intellectual property rights, many companies foolishly assume that a UK or European patent application will suffice. However, to be able to exclusively sell within a foreign market, foreign patents should almost certainly be considered.

Having the reassurance that no other company can legally produce, sell or exploit the same product, in the same market is essential. Especially where innovative or unique products are involved.

At Accutranslate, we have a number of technical and legal translators across the globe from a wide range of backgrounds including legal, manufacturing, technology and chemicals. This means that we are able to hand-pick the perfect person to assist you with any patent translations and legal translations you might require.

With more than 90 languages covered, we will always assign your project a native speaker, so you can be sure that the content within your patent applications and legal documentation will always be market specific, appropriate, fluent and accurate.

For further information on professional translation and interpretation services you can rely on – call Accutranslate on 0800 466