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We’ve created an ebook about getting good translations and this is Step 7 – Trust your translation agency.

It can be hard to find a translation agency to meet all your requirements, and even harder to trust them with all aspects of translating your legal documents, marketing materials, manuals or your emails.

Hopefully our good translations ebook has given you some ideas on how to look for and brief a potential translation agency. Knowing how to source a trustworthy translation agency helps, but building full trust and confidence in them can take longer and is built on working together over months or years.

Building trust in your translation agency

Give your new translation service some small jobs to start – this way you can see how professionally they deliver on your requests. Is their response time fast? How was their communication? Do you feel involved in the process, but not hassled with minor details? If the translation agency ticks those boxes you will be able to move onto larger projects or work with new languages together.

Involve your agency in your planning

Once your trust starts to grow, you can involve your translation agency in your planning of new materials, and share your upcoming projects and events. This in turn helps them to be more responsive to your translation needs.
If you like Accutranslate’s approach and are thinking of changing your translation agency or are looking to work with one for the first time, contact us to chat through your requirements. We’re responsive and experienced in a wide range of translations, and we’re happy to work hard to build up the trust that we’ve written about here. It’s 0800 466 1335 or info@accutranslate.co.uk