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China’s middle class is growing, and its population’s life expectancy is increasing. Combined with a yearning to get out and see the world, this is good news for tourist businesses. If you own a hotel, work in a tourist destination, or run a restaurant, this is a source of visitors and customers that you shouldn’t ignore – after all, there were 600m Chinese people aged 60 or over in 2013.

Many tourism businesses are not providing the services that this lucrative market requires – those who do will reap the rewards. But what are older Chinese tourists looking for?

Many older Chinese do not speak English

Providing services such as Chinese-speaking tour guides, menus translated into Chinese and hotel staff who speak some Chinese can help make these visitors feel more comfortable. If you’re translating menus, it also pays to look at your food offering.

Older Chinese prefer Chinese food

Many British travellers would only eat steak and chips when they are abroad, and Chinese people also feel more comfortable with familiar food, especially older people.  If you would find it strange to eat congee (a type of rice porridge) for breakfast, then that’s how your Chinese visitors probably feel about cereal, croissants or a heavy cooked breakfast.

Chinese tourists appreciate Wifi

The most widely used social media platform in China is WeChat, with 700 million users. If Chinese tourists are staying in your hotel, they’ll be wanting to access WeChat to keep in touch with friends and family and to post their holiday photos. Make sure your Chinese guests can access their favourite sites.

Less rushing, less shopping

Older Chinese tourists enjoy a more leisurely holiday experience. Golf is popular and National Trust properties or historic destinations where a guided tour can be less rushed. Younger tourists are keener to shop, but older visitors are looking for an experience to remember.

How to server older Chinese tourists better

  • Reduce the language difficulties by translating menus and instructions for Wifi access.
  • Offer Chinese food options
  • Provide Chinese-speaking tour guides

Accutranslate can help you with two of these – contact us to find out more on www.accutranslate.co.uk and  0800 466 1335!