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Let’s talk about biomedical and healthcare translation for National Pharmacist Day on 12th January.

The pharmaceutical industry has evolved at pace since World War II. As a result, the need for healthcare translation has surged alongside medical advancements as the world becomes a smaller place.

Days of the Year explains helps to clarify just how important pristine translation is to Pharmacists near and far –

“Today, the pharmacists aren’t responsible for actually making the pills and potions, but for storing them, fulfilling them with correct dosage, offering advice to patients, watching for mistakes or drug interactions and other duties that are vital to the health of billions of people all over the world.”

In addition, many Pharmacists are qualified to administer vaccines. Needless to say, this qualification alone has taken demand for good healthcare translators to a whole new level recently.

What Can You Expect of Healthcare Translation in 2022?

Healthcare translation has understandably hit an all- time high since the dawning of the coronavirus and the global rollout of the vaccine.

This looks set to continue, especially if the Covid pill that’s currently undergoing clinical trials is made available for public use later in the year.

Whether the Covid pill does or doesn’t come to fruition, let’s remind ourselves that the coronavirus was the start of pharma. It was a trillion dollar industry pre-Covid.

So, moving forwards in to 2022 and beyond, the sector’s demand for healthcare translation is likely to continue expanding for services such as –

  • Marketing Collateral e.g. the brochures, exhibition materials, leaflets and posters that pharma companies use to promote their products and services
  • Product Information, e.g. marketing and/or technical descriptions and instructions for usage
  • Website, e.g. adherence to the rules and regulations that govern the pharmaceutical sector in different countries


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