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It’s no surprise that demand for computing and IT translation went through the roof during the pandemic as businesses digitised to unprecedented levels.

Days of the Year sum the situation up in their description of Computer Learning Month, which is celebrated in October every year –

Computers now occupy almost every part of our lives, from the smartphones we spend our days communicating on, to the laptops and desktops that are the foundation of every business.

…we use them for everything, and people expect their businesses and their customers to be keeping up with the technological bleeding edge.”

What is Computing and IT Translation?

Never mind bleeding edges. Computing and IT translation can cause bleeding hearts if you’re faced with the task of translating techie text in to another language for –

  • IT manuals
  • Marketing materials
  • Technical documents
  • Websites

Throw regional dialects and localisation in to the mix and the term ‘tech overwhelm’ takes on a whole new meaning.

How Does Computing and IT Translation Work?

Before you get started, give some forethought to the languages you need before you contact professional interpretation service.

Apart from this initial decision, a top-tier translation service will hold your hand through the rest of the process.

They’ll ask about your goals and objectives, helping you decide if your computing and IT translation needs to be done in one language, a few languages or many different languages.

English computing and IT translation can be done in any language on the planet. But the most popularly requested languages are –

  • European, e.g. French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian
  • Asian, e.g. Japanese and Chinese

In addition, a high-quality translation provider will usually want to see your computing and IT text in order to offer advice and provide you with a meaningful quote.

At Accutranslate, we’re highly experienced at matching technical translation requirements with team members who are best suited for purpose on a job-by- job basis.

Get in touch today about your computing and IT translation needs.

Once we’ve got a good handle on your job, we’ll submit a quote within two days, (although it’s not impossible to speed up the process in urgent cases).


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