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20th March is a day of beret tipping to the French language. And why not? It’s recognised worldwide for its melodic tones, and as a key player on the global stage. Additionally, French is a working language of the UN, with official status in diverse terrains across Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

But why should contemporary businesses prick up their ears about French Language Day? The reason is as tasty as an oven fresh baguette.

France is one of the UK’s top trading allies, with exports soaring to around £19 billion annually. Not to mention the 30 other countries where French is the lingua franca. For these reasons, doing business in French speaking countries goes beyond exchanging pleasantries.

Why French Translation and Interpretation Matters So Much to UK Businesses

The assumption English bridges all language gaps can cause misunderstandings and even derail negotiations. In the case of French, this is often merci to those tricky “false friends”. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

So, why not finesse your Franco-British business ventures with outsourced professional French translation and interpretation support, as and when you need it? It’s a win:win for impressing your French stakeholders with perfectly translated documents and ensuring everybody’s on the same page in meetings.

French translation and interpretation is doubly essential in law, because even the most fluent English speakers find the legal arena daunting. That’s before you factor in complex legal jargon and differing local judicial processes.

But truthfully, no matter what your line of business is, it’s worth making every word count when you’re dealing with English to French and/or French to English written and/spoken communications.


At Accutranslate, you can sidestep potential pitfalls by entrusting your document translations and courtroom interpreting to us.  Get in touch for peace of mind that language barriers aren’t standing in the way of successful business relationships.