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Over the last 20 years, the internet has become a truly global phenomenon and the ability to communicate with people from all walks of life is undoubtedly easier than it’s ever been before.

A fully functional website is considered an essential marketing tool for any company looking to be taken seriously, yet companies who are looking to expand their existing client base or else distribute their goods/services on a global scale could definitely be doing more to get themselves noticed.

With approximately 3.7 billion Internet users worldwide and growing, it poses the question, ‘are companies that choose to display their website solely in their own native language missing a trick?’

Inexpensive marketing solution

When targeting foreign markets, there are, of course, a number of tried and tested methods for generating and increasing brand awareness. However, none is more cost-effective than translating each form of relevant communications into the local language.

Translating your website content into a variety of languages can be a shrewd step for building strong client relationships and creating trust with your overseas associates.

Having more than one language option on your website can also convey a certain image regarding your company brand and brand values, by adding a prestigious international touch to the company. It also goes a long way to showing your foreign customers that you really care about communicating effectively with them.

Organic SEO rankings will almost certainly be boosted since multilingual websites will always be placed higher in search results when customers search for your products or services in their own language. This can offer a real competitive advantage for businesses – especially those that trade exclusively online.

Using a translation service

Naturally, it’s highly recommended that business owners use a reputable translation service such as the one offered by Accutranslate and not just rely on app-based services such as Google Translate. These services often provide a ‘literal translation’. They are often peppered with inaccuracies and do not take local trends or customs into account.

Similarly, if your translator is not a native speaker, their translations run the risk of sounding “wrong” to a native ear. Even a small degree of inaccuracy is distracting to a native reader and can undermine the credibility of your message you’re trying to convey. Get it right the first time! For a professional translation service – call Accutranslate on 0800 466 1335.