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It’s estimated by education research site, World’s Top Exports, that the “ UK’s exported goods totalled $324.2 billion during the first 10 months of 2020. Assuming an annualized $389.1 billion in exports for all 2020”.


They then broke down the market share by sector –

  1. Machinery including computers: 15.6%
  2. Vehicles: 10.8%
  3. Gems, precious metals: 9%
  4. Mineral fuels including oil: 8.8%
  5. Electrical machinery, equipment: 6.1%
  6. Pharmaceuticals: 5.8%
  7. Optical, technical, medical apparatus: 4.3%
  8. Aircraft, spacecraft: 3.9%
  9. Organic chemicals: 2.7%
  10. Collector items, art, antiques: 2.6%


Pre-Brexit UK manufacturing and export businesses were sometimes caught out by a threat they weren’t aware of. That threat was to their intellectual property rights.


They incorrectly believed that their UK and European patent applications protected them across the rest of the world. This wasn’t the case.

Businesses in other non-EU countries across the globe could replicate and retail products ‘belonging’ to UK businesses. Without any recourse.


We’re now post-Brexit. As a result, any European layers of intellectual property protection have been removed.


This potentially doubles the jeopardy!


It’s much too early days just yet to analyse the full Brexit impact on UK manufacturing and export businesses. But, bear in mind that there were intellectual property issues before.


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