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Good business translation starts with a good brief. It’s no different to outsourcing any other kind of work. Failing to prepare can mean preparing to fail if you’re sloppy on detail.

If you want good business translation, you’ll need to put some forethought in to it.

It’s almost impossible to give too much information to your translation provider. The mission of the best translation services on the market is to provide great work every time. In order to achieve this, they want to deeply understand your job.

Here’s a few key considerations that will help a good business translation provider deliver gold standard work.

  • Language Requirements – What language do you need your text translated to? You might be surprised to learn that this isn’t always a one-word answer. So, don’t underestimate how important it is to be as specific as possible. For example, text translated from English to Spanish won’t work in Argentina, where a variation known as Rioplatense Spanish is used.
  • Target Readership – You might think this point is self-explanatory to a translator. It might be. But it might not be. Don’t assume. You’ll get a better result out of your translator if they know exactly who they’re translating for. Are your target readers experts in your field? Or, are they potential clients who might not know much about your field? Is formality or a more casual and relaxed tone likely to resonate with them?
  • Subject Matter – Sector specificity can impact good business translation. Highly academic or technical texts, for example, need sector specific specialists who understand the complex nature of the work. If they don’t have the specialist knowledge necessary, they won’t be able to translate intentionally and accurately.


At Accutranslate, good business translation is in our DNA. Remember, whether you’ve done this before or whether you haven’t, we have, for many years. We’ll gladly guide you through the key information needed to ensure your business translation exceeds your expectations.